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PLEASE NOTE: for some reason as of March 18, 2010; my wholesale order form (see menu on right)
has decided to glitch! Although I receive notice of wholesale enquiries, I am not receiving the information
that people are providing on the form. If you are interested in receiving a wholesale package, please forward
your BN number, your GST number and the name and location of your retail outlet or gallery etc...; to me at 
my studio email-please also enclose the postal address for your outlet. The email for my studio is:
freebirdstudio@yahoo.ca              Thank you, Anne-Marie!

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Please Note: All images shown on the Freebird Studio website here, are
Copyright 2007-09 Anne-Marie Scott, Freebird Studio, Saskatchewan.
All Rights Reserved.
Hi, I'm Anne-Marie Scott...I'd like to welcome you to Freebird Studio online. 
Consider your time browsing this virtual gallery, as you, virtually journeying along
with me.  Here, I take you to explore Central Saskatchewan, as well as a bit of
North Western Saskatchewan, and a bit of the Tucson Arizona U.S.A. area is featured
also.  Our explorations include a virtual trip through Childhood Moments, as well
as a Journey through the Inukshuk and Tipi Art collections.  Finally, our
virtual rambling also includes a look at various wild creatures from around the
A bit more about me, and the studio, including contact information for
Freebird Studio, is found near the bottom section of this page. Please be patient
for images to upload; each page should have a background image...If an image
does not load, try hitting refresh.  If you run into unresolved glitches on this site,
kindly email me via the email link below; or leave a message in my guestbook!
Hope you enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting!

PLEASE NOTE: I  will be editing this site, removing some pages which are simply doubles
of what are already in the photo gallery sections of this website. The reason for this is that
originally I set up those pages, under the old format for images on freewebs, which has since changed
to, all images that were uploaded as album style applications, cannot be edited now,unless each album
is uploaded to the Photo Gallery now.  For a complete look at all works from Freebird Studio,
available in print, for sale artist direct; please refer to the albums under the Photo Gallery!

Above: working on dreamcatchers over the holiday season...

*Please Note: Freebird Studio was temporarily closed due to health reasons, but is now again currently accepting retail or wholesale orders.  I have also planned to relocate the studio in the future, and will post here, as well as notify site members via email, when it re-opens.  If you are a past customer and would like to be notified by email, please email me to the address below on this page.  Thanks you for your support, and patronage, Anne-Marie.  

Christmas Card selections can be viewed in my, myspace Christmas Card Album(currently in progress). Just click on the link to view:


CHRISTMAS CARD SETS/2009: $*current specials on 5x7 Christmas Cards, which are blank inside, printed on matte finished high quality photographic paper, of cardstock stiffness and weight, w/white envelopes- Specials below:

Package A: 5 of any Christmas Card Designs(flyers on available designs will be posted at Freebird at myspace/direct link coming soon) for  $29.75 sh/h/tx included/CAD

Package B: four of any Christmas Card Designs, including one framed for $35.75 sh/h/tx included CAD

Email to order (for more order information, please check our mail order page, on navigation menu at right. As about our mail direct to your gift recipient option.

Other New Developments(updated March/2008-2009): Please refer to our Mail Order Information page, for retail mail order information/pricing,
some samples of our new ArtCard/Greeting Card format for images from the Collections 2008 page; and some wholesale information.

I have also, added a new page of images to my two page tribute, to one of my favourite places, Dore Lake, NorthWestern Saskatchewan.

Finally, although not yet added to my artist's profile album; Freebird Works have been contributed to, and/or are being carried by the following: Lake Diefenbaker Tourism and the Diefenbaker Tourism Guide, Town of Imperial Website, as well as area retailers.  *All Freebird Images and Products are still available, Artist Direct Retail Sales via the Studio; some available here online for Mail Order Retail
Sales as noted on our Order Information Page; and available wholesale via the studio(for further information see our wholesale enquiry page). thanks, take care! -Anne-Marie!

Please scroll page for contact information, and note: Freebird Studio is not set up with fascimilie/fax. Our email , mailing/postal, and
studio phone number are below.  A direct link for wholesale inquiries is in the navigation bar on the right of this page. Thanks!

What's New: 

I have started a new series of greeting cards and prints, titled Little Angels, some of which is on display online on this page and , on my facebook profile, in the albums section, available for public viewing. The url is:


You will have to copy and paste the above url, or search for Anne-Marie Scott , Loreburn Saskatchewan, Canada on facebook.

- Refer to the Artist's profile section/page (currently being edited)for a preview of our Journey with
Freebird E-Publications .  Each volume on cd/for PC's, will include a print enabled feature, for personal(ie.not commercial) use only.  This will allow the reader to print out articles to read off of the computer; to print photographs and images formatted in these publications for that purpose, for prints for the wall, or to print & scan, as screensavers.

Above: Sunning on the Savannah/The All God's Creature's Collection, Pencil Illustration.
Available as framed print, and artcard.
Below: Watchful Wolf/The Peace of the North Collection; Pencil Illustration. Available
as framed print, and as an artcard.

Freebird Contact Information

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Freebird Studio is located in Loreburn Saskatchewan(by appointment only),
Canada.  The mailing address is : Box 122, Loreburn Saskatchewan, S0H 2S0.  Email: 
freebirdstudio@yahoo.ca  other online studio homespace is at myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/freebirdstudio; or hit direct link to my newest works on myspace, via the newest works page on this site, to your right(in navigation menu)...Please direct all requests for information or retail orders, to the studio email; or, if you simply want a wholesale catalogue on cd-rom, along with a price list and order form, see the navigation bar, "wholesale enquiries".  There is a direct link to a wholesale package request form there. If you do not have a BN number, kindly call/mail/or email me instead and clarify what type of business venue you are operating.  Thanks!
Freebird sells prints, artcards and calendars; and serves both retail and wholesale customers. Freebird collections can also be viewed at www.wetcanvas.com, under amfreebird's gallery online there.  Freebird sells artist direct. To receive a  retail catalogue and price list/order form, just email me!
At this time I do not have any original works for sale. My work is arranged into collections of :
photographic, illustrated, and watercolour prints.  . Giclee Prints can be special ordered on select pieces, please enquire via contacting the studio.
If you have any questions, re: any of the artworks on display here; which are but a sampling of our available art inventory, please do email me or give us a call. Thanks for browsing!

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